risk managementOrganizations are putting in place more comprehensive risk management programs, with the intent of moving beyond a reactive approach to risk to proactive response strategies. An elite group of companies is also emerging to embrace even more advanced risk management capabilities.

This document has been developed by Public Safety Canada, in close partnership with Defence Research and Development Canada – Centre for Security Science, as part of the federal All Hazards Risk Assessment initiative.

The All Hazards Risk Assessment methodology and process, which are presented in these guidelines, have been developed in consultation with federal government institutions but their validity is general and the guidelines are applicable in many organizations and contexts.

The All Hazards Risk Assessment methodology and process are the result of a pilot phase of the All Hazards Risk Assessment initiative, which concluded in October 2011.

The information contained in the document is expected to evolve as the All Hazards Risk Assessment process is implemented on a cyclical basis every year and as best practices on risk assessment are established through international exchange and cooperation through organizations such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, the World Economic Forum, the International Council on Risk Governance, the Canadian Standards Association, and the International Organization for Standardization.